Welcome to the Official Website of the Corn Seed Settlement Program.

A Settlement has been reached with Syngenta over class action and individual lawsuits related to the sale and marketing of its Agrisure Viptera and Duracade corn seeds. The Settlement may affect your rights if you are: (1) a Corn Producer; (2) a Grain Handling Facility; or (3) an Ethanol Production Facility.

Settlement Updates


SUBMIT A W-9 FORM TODAY! If you received a Notice of Determination but have not yet submitted a W-9 form, click “Submit My W-9 Form” below. The Internal Revenue Service requires that the Claims Administrator obtain a completed W-9 form from the claimant before issuing payments. You cannot be paid unless you submit a W-9 form. Submitting this online means that you will be paid sooner.

The Claims Administrator is issuing Notices of Determination on a rolling basis and we expect to finish soon. The Claims Administrator will start sending checks to eligible Class Members in spring or summer 2020. Continue to check this website regularly for updates on the timing of settlement payments.


Please do not contact the Court, Syngenta, or Syngenta’s counsel regarding payment timing.

Since the December 7th, 2018 approval of the Settlement, the Claims Administrator has been reviewing submitted Claim Forms. Starting in October 2019, Eligible Class Members may receive Notices of Determination showing their Compensable Recovery Quantity, which is the number of Corn bushels or short tons of DDGs for which they may recover under the terms of the Settlement Agreement.

For Claimants who failed to provide sufficient information, Notices of Rejection have been issued. The response deadline for these Notices currently is October 15, 2019. The Claims Administrator will analyze any such responses and will issue Notices of Final Rejection for any claims that are still incomplete.

Claimants may appeal the Notice of Final Rejection to the Special Master. Claimants whose appeals of their Notices of Final Rejection are successful will then receive Notices of Determination, which can also be appealed.

Although most Compensable Recovery Quantity determinations are expected to be made soon, payment timing will depend on the claim determination appeal process and the pending appeals challenging the settlement.

The settlement appeals were filed by certain Producer class members who objected to the Settlement and those objections were overruled by the District Court. The objectors appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit and submitted their opening brief on May 30, 2019. The appeals are still pending before the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. No payments can be made to any Class Members until the objectors’ appeals are resolved.

We hope that we can issue the first payments by spring or summer 2020.

Check this website regularly for updates regarding resolution of appeals and the timing of payments.


Courts are continuing to issue orders regarding the payment of attorneys’ fees and expenses in this litigation. Any appeals from these orders regarding attorneys’ fees and expenses will NOT delay the timing of payments to Class Members discussed above. Those appeals will delay only the payment of attorneys’ fees and expenses to the attorneys in this litigation.


If you received a Notice of Rejection stating that there is no FSA or RMA data matching the Taxpayer Identification Number (“TIN”) you provided on your Claim Form, click here to read a Program Update from the Claims Administrator. This Program Update explains common reasons why you might have received this Notice and how to resolve the issue and help us find your FSA or RMA data.

If your Notice of Rejection instructed you to submit the Taxpayer Identification Number Sworn Written Statement (“SWS-02”), click here. This Program Update gives step-by-step instructions on how to respond to a Notice of Rejection with the SWS-02.

The Notice of Rejection is not a final determination that your claim has been denied. You can cure your Notice of Rejection by providing us with the correct information, but you must do so soon.


The last day to file a claim was October 12, 2018. You can no longer file a new claim.